Can You File a Claim After a Car Accident if You Are an Uninsured Driver? 

Driving without insurance is a risky endeavor that is illegal in practically every state. Despite this, some people will find themselves in the terrible predicament of being in an accident and uninsured. This collision can be financially disastrous if the uninsured driver is at fault. The financial consequences might be severe even if the uninsured driver is not at fault. You can get legal advice about such accidents by talking to an experienced attorney today. 

Insurance alternatives 

Although insurance regulations are extremely common throughout the United States, some jurisdictions offer drivers alternatives. Maintaining a bond or a certificate of deposit of money or securities in an amount defined by the state is a common insurance alternative. Regulations often refer to drivers’ “financial responsibility”; therefore, these alternatives might occasionally meet that criterion. 

You have choices after a car accident if you live in a state offering these care insurance alternatives. You can proceed with your claim against the covered motorist without fear of being denied due to a lack of insurance. Nonetheless, it should be noted that an insurer would generally hire agents and attorneys to negotiate and, if needed, litigate the problem to get a fair settlement. If you are uninsured, you should hire an attorney to handle these activities on your behalf. 

Potential consequences 

When an insured motorist hits an uninsured motorist, the uninsured motorist may still face penalties for their uninsured status. 

You can still submit a claim against an insured driver if your state requires insurance or if you cannot abide by the insurance alternatives. On the other hand, insurance firms are likely to report your absence of insurance to the state. Most states require you to carry a certain amount of insurance. Failing to do so usually leads to a fine and the suspension of the driver’s license for some time. 

When you contact an insurer, the repercussions of your lack of coverage may have already occurred. Depending on the regulations in your state and the circumstances of the collision, a police officer could have already ticketed you when they arrived on the scene, investigated the accident, and made a report. The inquiry and report will almost certainly be useful in pursuing your case against the insurer. Still, it also implies that your lack of insurance is documented, and the penalty for driving without insurance is almost certain. 

A skilled personal injury attorney can advise you on how to proceed and handle many of the conversations with the insurance on your behalf, so talk to one today. 

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