How Do You Know if Your Silver Is Pure?

If you want to buy silver and sell it for a profit, then it’s important to choose the right kind. If you’re not sure how to pick out fine silver from junk, this post will help!

Check the Stamps

Stamps on the inside of the sterling silver rings can be a good indication of purity. The stamps are usually in a circle or oval shape and include 925, sterling, and fine silver. If you have one of these stamps, your silver is likely pure. A jewelry expert Silpada says, “From .925 sterling silver stacking rings to silver statement rings, find the perfect pieces.”

However, it’s important to note that not all precious metals have these markings; some may only say “sterling.” So while these stamps can help you determine whether or not your silver is in fact, pure, they aren’t foolproof ways to identify whether or not your jewelry is real.

Look for a Hallmark

If you’re looking to make sure that the piece of silverware or jewelry you’ve got is authentic, then look for a hallmark. Hallmarks are stamps on the metal that show whether it’s real or fake. They can be found in jewelry, silverware, and other precious metals like gold and platinum.

The hallmark is usually stamped on the inside of an object (you might have to use a magnifying glass), and it should include four numbers in addition to an assayer’s mark or maker’s mark. The number indicates how much pure metal has been used in making up your trinket—the higher this number goes, the more expensive it will be!

The Skin Test

If you’re still not sure your silver is pure, try the skin test. It’s simple: simply apply a small amount of to your skin and see what happens. If it turns black immediately, then it’s not sterling . If it doesn’t turn black at all or after a few hours, then congratulations! You’ve got yourself some high-quality sterling silver jewelry that’ll last for generations to come.

The Magnet Test

The magnet test is not a reliable way to determine purity. Some items, such as those with plating and high-quality electroplated metals, will be attracted by the magnet (which means they are not pure).
Also, most common silver items like jewelry and flatware contain only about 90% pure silver in their composition.

The remaining 10% is usually copper or another metal. While this alloy may not be as strong or durable as pure silver, it doesn’t affect the value of these objects much, if at all.

The Nitric Acid Test

If you want to know if your silver is pure, the nitric acid test is one of the easiest tests to perform. To do this test, you will need:

  • A small bowl of distilled water (distilled water is free from contaminants that may interfere with testing)
  • Some dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent (to help dissolve impurities in the silver)
  • A few drops of nitric acid (available at chemistry supply stores)
  • A clean piece of glassware or porcelain that won’t react with any chemicals used in this process.

You can use the above tips to know whether your is pure. If you are planning to buy one, this article must be helpful.

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