How to compress PDFs online for free? Here are the best online PDF compression tools

PDF (Portable Document Format) is widely used in today’s day and age for storing e-books, reports, and other digital files. The PDF files can be accessed on most devices and browsers which makes it easy to read and share information online, Sometimes PDF files are too big, taking up a lot of space on your computer/smartphone.

Such files cannot be transferred via mail or messaging platforms like WhatsApp. At that time there is only one thing that comes to mind. How do I make a PDF file smaller for free?

In such cases, compressing the PDF files is the only suitable option one has. Let us see how files are compressed and which websites can be used to carry out the procedure.

How to Compress PDF Files Online

Compressing as the word indicates is a way to reduce the size of the PDF file so that it is easy to share via mail or message. During this process, no information is lost but the size of the file reduces considerably. The quality might downgrade if you carry out extreme compression, but normally it is manageable as it is seen only in pictures, not in the text. Some advantages of PDF compression are- Smaller files will be easier to handle and store.

You will get a better transfer speed.

Compression is useful when you want to send a file as an attachment in an email.

Top 6 PDF file compress websites – best online tool to reduce your PDF files size

There are a plethora of apps and websites available which allow the users to compress PDF files. These sites and apps have a simple procedure to carry out the compression process. Here is a list of the top 5 Websites that can be used to compress PDFs online-

  1. Adobe PDF Compressor

Adobe is one of the most popular and widely used tools on this list. Adobe was the 1st to create PDF format files. In today’s day, almost everyone has an adobe reader on their computers or mobile which allows them to easily read and manage PDF files.

It is very fast.

It can compress PDF files up to 2GB.

The process of compression is very easy.

  1. Small PDF

Small PDF is a full-featured PDF processing tool that is easy to use and extremely fast in its execution. The tool offers its users a 14-day free trial to try its compression and other functions. To unlock its advanced features, a small price has to be paid. These premium features include eSign, file conversion, desktop, and mobile app access, and more. It is recommended for those who don’t mind paying a small price to access all its features.


PDF Compression

PDF Conversion

Organize PDF files

Browser extension

Split and Merge PDF Files

  1. iLovePDF

This is a fully featured PDF manipulation tool that meets all your PDF usage needs. It comes with an easy-on-the-eye interface that compressed your file while giving you the power to determine the final quality of your file. The processing speed is good and the best part is that it is free of cost for all.


Free PDF compression

PDF conversion

Split and Merge PDF files

Organize PDF files

  1. PDF Compressor

It is one of the simplest PDF compressors available. There are no other features or needless information, just plain and simple PDF compression. You just have to upload your PDF file, compress it and save it wherever you want to. It allows batch uploading of PDF Files and can take up to 20 files at a time. It is totally free of cost, easy to use, and fast.


Free PDF compression

Batch processing

Comprehensive user interface

  1. Free PDF Convert

It has been one of the most prominent PDF compression tools for a while now. It is easy to use, super fast, and free of cost. The PDF files that are converted don’t lose their original quality. It also takes care of data security and safety. There is no duplication and any residues left behind are deleted. This tool can be accessed from any device with the help of a good internet connection.


PDF Compression

Compatible across multiple devices

PDF converter

Split and merge PDF Files

  1. PDF2Go

PDF2Go welcomes its users with a jarring user interface, bombarding them with all its features and boasting about all the things it can do with your PDF file. If you can tolerate this, then you can use this tool to compress your files for free. It allows you to upload PDF files from the computer, drive, or drag and drop them onto the dashboard.


Compress PDF

Choose from multiple preset methods of compression

Split and merge PDF

Convert PDF

Edit PDF


So these by the use of sodapdf tools can be used to compress your PDF files online.

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