The basketball betting in Parimatch – how to bet on cyber basketball 

Basketball betting is in the TOP 5 of the most popular in Parimatch also because of the dynamics and spectacularity of this sport. But most of the bets here are made during the NBA season when bettors could find some high odds and wide betting lines. Bets on NBA here deserve some special attention, due to the prestige of this championship, as well as the presence of high betting limits and favorable quotes. Other interesting basketball events are held in the world, but only the NBA basketball bets will bring the maximum profit for those bettors who will analyze some important factors and prepare the forecast for each chosen match. Only such actions will help you to find the best markets and make the max of the winning bets in a prematch or live format.

Main NBA features — some important information to remember about 

It should be noted that the NBA has many differences from other PRO basketball events so for profitable betting it’s really important to learn these championship terms. Here is some main information about the NBA matches that each bettor needs to remember:

  • winning streaks last not more than 12 matches in a row;
  • the clear leader of a couple of previous seasons may well become the outsider or vice versa;
  • in playoffs, the number of goals scored is significantly lower than during the season!

Also, there is some more important information to remember before start betting on basketball during the NBA. One more feature of the NBA is the 4×8 min format that can be founded for the eSports matches. The main advantage of cyber basketball is that there are so many matches that are available every day and not just a few weeks during the year (as in classical NBA matches). But for sure all of the basketball matches last some specific period that contains the OT and the main time. 

The best format for the NBA bets — find the highest odds and bet limits 

After you will learn some main NBA rules and you could start to search the information about the players and teams. Check different ratings to understand better the most important factors that should be analyzed for the forecast preparation. For example according to one of the last best NBA players’ ratings in TOP-5 could be founded Joel Embiid, Stephen Curry, Luka Dončić, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Nikola Jokić. But be ready for the fast rating change because almost every season some young talented players start their careers in NBA. And this year you will see that during the 2022-23 NBA season that will take place on April 2023.

But even now you can start preparing the forecast for the main events during the next season because all the main information about the players and their results are already can be found via the Parimatch official website or some thematical resource. In NBA betting the best bets and the highest odds can be founded during the matches so it’s better to bet on chosen markets in a LIVE format. 

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