The benefits of DeWalt Pro-Stretch workwear

Whether you have a construction crew, a team of garden specialists, or one of the many other businesses that requires your staff to wear safe, comfortable, and durable workwear, then you need to know what one’s are the best for your team. There are many varieties of workwear available on the market today, which can make it very confusing to work out which ones are the best to buy. So, to help, we will look at one of the best, the DeWalt Pro-Stretch work trousers and explore the benefits for you and your team.


The first thing you need to do before you buy any workwear is to make sure you are buying quality products. You do this by buying a brand that has been an industry leader for over 80 years, DeWalt, and from a company that has also been around that long, RS. Throughout the years DeWalt have continued to improve on their workwear and some of those improvements have been with DeWalt Work Trousers.


The DeWalt work trouser has several features. Some are to help workers carry their tools, phone, pens etc and others are for the comfort and safety of the wearer, such as knee pads and flame, stab, or chemical resistance. However, to make the DeWalt work trouser even better they added Nylon, making the work trousers lighter than traditional pairs, plus the Nylon adds stretch. No more jokes about being a plumber when you bend over or lower limbs feeling like they are getting cut off when you try to kneel. With the Pro-Stretch DeWalt work trousers your workers can be more productive. They don’t have to search for their pen or hammer or tape measure, they are right there with them, in their workpants. Bending and kneeling will be more comfortable and easier with the flexibility of the Pro-Stretch DeWalt work trouser. So, why wouldn’t you want them for you and your team?


Whether you are buying workwear because regulations demand it or concerned about your workers comfort, and their production rate, then it makes sense to buy quality workwear. The best place to ensure you get quality and great customer service is a reputable dealer who has been around for 80 odd years, like RS. The team at RS can give you expert advice or you can order your DeWalt work trousers online, through the RS website. With over 800 work trouser variances in store, you are bound to find the right fit for you and your team.

When you want the best out of your workers, then you have to want the best for your workers. This includes ensuring their workwear is comfortable, convenient, and safety orientated. To do that, all you need to do is contact the team at RS and place your order for the Dewalt Pro-Stretch work trouser. Whether it is one pair or 100, the team at RS have you covered. Contact RS Components today about all your company’s DeWalt workwear needs.

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